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Brick Paver Cleaning & Sealing

Installing a brick paver patio, walkway, or driveway in your home is always a wise investment. However, if you don’t take care of your brick, you could find yourself dealing with unsightly hardscaping at your home or business. It’s only natural that your brick will become dirty over time. People, cars, and weather can all take a toll on your pavement. But with the right cleaning, sealing, and maintenance, you can keep your brick paver patio looking great for years to come.

This is why it’s important to have the pavement of your home or business cleaned regularly. We recommend that you have your pavement cleaned at least every two to three years. Paver cleaning is more than a simple power wash. We only use the best products in the industry so that we can provide you with the best possible service. Fred Adams Paving is proud to have been installing, cleaning, and maintaining pavement for customers across North Carolina for more than 30 years.

Protect Your Investment

To protect your investment it’s vital that you don’t let your pavers fall into disrepair. Thanks to Fred Adams Paving Company and our top of the line sealants and pavement cleaning services, you can ensure that your home never lacks for curb appeal. Our sealing service:

  • Dries in hours
  • Protects against stains and weather
  • Is Environmentally safe
  • Retains long-lasting luster
  • Acts as an algae and mold inhibitor
  • Inhibits weed growth
  • Is easily maintained
  • Stabilizes sand in joints
  • Can be used on clay, pavers, concrete pavers, concrete or artistic stone

Make Your Brick Look Its Best

Regular paver cleaning can ensure a brighter, richer color in your brick pavers and can enhance the overall look and feel of your home or business. To top it all off, your paver cleaning and sealing services don’t even have to take long! We’re pleased to offer the first “all in one day” process to have your pavement looking better than ever in no time.

Do you think that your residential hardscaping could benefit from a paver cleaning service? See the difference paver cleaning can make on your home firsthand. For additional questions and quotes about our brick paver cleaning and sealing services, please contact the experts at Fred Adams Paving today.

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