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Permeable Pavement Maintenance

Permeable and Pervious pavements can get clogged over with time if the surface is not maintained and cause the surface infiltration rate to decrease. A service agreement should be kept in place and the pavement should be inspected a minimum of once per year. The Service Agreement could include any of the following items. The items not covered in the service agreement should be handled by the owner.

  • Inspect the pavement once a quarter and within 24 hours after every storm event greater than 1.0 inches (or 1.5 inches if in a N.C. Coastal County). Records of inspection and maintenance need to be kept in a known set location and will be available upon request.
  • Vacuum sweep the surface openings in dry weather to remove dry, encrusted sediment. These appear as small, curled “potato chips.” Vacuum and sweeper settings may require adjustments to prevent uptake of aggregate in the pavement openings and joints.
  • Maintain any vegetation around the perimeter of the pavement to filter run-off.
  • Repair all ruts or deformation in the pavement exceeding ½ inch
  • Repair pavers offset by more than ¼ inch above/below adjacent units.
  • Replace broken units that impair the structural integrity of the surface.
  • Replenish aggregate joint materials as needed after sweeper vacuum. It is important that the proper sized joint material is used and is not placed over joints clogged pores.
  • Check drain outfalls for free flow of water
  • Check outflow from observation well annually if one was designed in pavement.
  • It is recommended that a maintenance agreement be in place to keep the permeable/pervious pavement in good working order and should include the following items.

Important inspection and maintenance procedures:

  1. Stable groundcover to maintain the drainage area to reduce the sediment load to the permeable pavement.
  2. Any weeds that grow in the permeable pavement should be removed or sprayed with biodegradable herbicide.
  3. Once per year, the permeable pavement surface will be vacuum swept.
  4. Replenish joints with proper sized aggregate.

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